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Administration System for Property Sales Networks

Manage your Agents

Integrated processes for recruiting, developing sales and paying commissions all in one place.
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Manage your clients

Fully integrated client relationship management. Control the sales process from enquiry to completion. View More

Manage your property portfolio

Real time property availability listings with integrated selling agent reservation process.
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Secure System Access

Fully integrated and uses an intelligent hierarchy so that sensitive information is shared only with those who need to see it.
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Global Application Software

Access GMP Property from any Internet Enabled Device anywhere in the world.
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Lead Management

Monitor the progress of leads received either from system owners own sources and/or from lead sources that provide leads on a commercial basis. Generate reports on-screen or extracted either as a spreadsheet or pdf depending on the users' needs.

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Activity Management

Manage client activities before, during and after contact.Team managers can monitor all users and individual users can only see their own tasks. Access all areas of the client record, pipelines and the note/email functions whilst in the activity module control summary pages.

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Portfolio Management

Unlimited product management, identify property and set user access for unique commission arrangements. If properties are stored in the database, they can be automatically managed, uploaded and removed from your own website using the optional website datafeed module.

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Sales Management

Registering sales is simplicity in itself with a six-stage process that ensures products are sold properly and the correct users are notified. Sales pipelines allow you to monitor the progress of every sale through the purchase process, whether the sale is done using cash or pension funds.

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The Core Features

Customer Management

Agent Management

Property Management

Global Sales Pipeline

Activity Management

Automated Messaging

Data Capture

Document Storage

Business Reports

    • GMP Property

    • System Features
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      • All Core Features
        • All core features shown above are included in the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Systems.
      • Client Contact Notes
        • Every client record in the database in supplied with a unique area of the system for client contact notes. Notes can be created, stored and edited for every type of contact note which has two key functions; first to record what has happened during the contact and the second is to create a reminder with date/time facility for the next stage in the contact process.

          There is a print function to extract all the notes history on the client record in a pdf format.
      • Direct Email Functionality
        • Every client reocrd has an email facility that allows the creation of emails with custom footers and templates to create a professional emails with the ability to attach any document stored in the document library.

          Any email sent from the client record is stored in the contact notes automatically and blind-copy (bcc) is sent to the system users' own mailbox as well.
      • Data Segmentation
        • All records have profile functions that allow data to be segmented to view or extract in pipelines that can be sorted and filtered in many ways. The data can be exported to the gmpMailer marketing module if this optional module has been integrated into the system owners’ core system functions.
      • Online Support Service
        • The system has an in-built support process that allows the system owners’ administration team to request help, book training, ask questions or provide feedback from within the system. This request will generate a ticket within the GMP support team which will receive the appropriate action and response.

          This service is not provided for any other team lower down in the business hierarchy and all agents enquiries are channelled through the system owners own team.
      • Simple Sale Process
        • Registering sales is simplicity in itself with a six-stage process that ensures products are sold properly with automated messaging letting everyone who needs to know what’s going on. The process is the same for every product registered so training the process is easy no matter who your agent is!
      • ENT
      • Property Rental Module
        • If you rent as well as sell property – the GMP Property system can help manage the activities around those activities
      • ENT
      • Agency Recruitment Module
        • This module is for system owners who actively prospect for new agents and once contracted maintain regular communications about new products, price updates and build progress or anything else that is relevant.

          The module mirrors the functionality found in the client management module. The system will transfer the prospective agency into the contract management area in the hierarchy once an agreement is reached.
      • ENT
      • Lead Source Management
        • This lead tracking pipeline allows management of leads for 3-sources including website contact pages coming directly into the system from the website (not an email), there is also a mobile device lead management function to grab contact information at events, exhibitions or casual meeting opportunities. Large suppliers may require system access to monitor leads provided so they can see, and report, progress of the opportunities provided to the system owner. Authorised online access can be provided to view, or manage, specially filtered lead pipelines if the system owner allows. There is the option to upgrade system access for additional introduction sources should a client work with more than 3-introductory sources.
      • ENT
      • Commission Pipelines
        • Commission rates are stored Commissions are calculated automatically on any product sold; data is filtered by date, product and/or selling agent. All records can be edited before generating commission vouchers for agents with notes if required. The pipelines can be sorted, filtered and printed as pdf reports, Excel or csv
      • ULT
      • Pension Tracking Module
        • Anyone involved in pension analysis to consider the possibility of transferring funds from one scheme to another after advice from an authorised firm can manage their clients’ progress through the process using this module.

          The system generates a Client Information Form (CIF) that provides information to an authorised third-party for pension advice for their clients using Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP), Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) or Occupational Pension schemes.

          The Authorised Firms used are stored in the system and can be given access to the data with varying degrees of functionality depending on the relationship between the two entities. Pipelines with automated document generation, client and/or selling agent messaging and reporting are available to manage several hundred records in an easy to use module.

          The pension case summary screens and MI reports provide quality information on a real-time basis on-demand or can be set to automatically inform registered users in the system. This module is checked periodically to ensure there is no regulated activities carried out in the system by a specialist FCA barrister.
      • ULT
      • Yield Management
        • Some products generate yield payments to clients for years after the event. The system stores the yield criteria against each individual product that is used on receipt of cleared funds from an investor. The yield management module creates data records when a product is sold automatically; this record holds all the payments, yield amount and due date that can forecast payments and record when they are paid.

          The system is configured to manage yield income that is either paid directly to the client (or trustee in case of pension fund sales) or if the product yield is re-invested can manage the forecasted growth in value. Client payments can be made in bulk or as a one-off single payment and the system will allow the pipelines to show next due dates by month, by product, client and/or selling agents if required. Other reports to help the system administration team to manage their data are available.

          The system generates client statements on-demand to keep them fully informed that can be printed and/or emailed to the investor or their selling agent.
      • ULT
      • Bespoke Customisation*
        • The Ultimate system normally means that the system owners have the system controlling a large part of their internal processes and communications.

          The system can be modified to reflect or integrate other systems or processes that are important.

          Fees applicable depend on the extent and complexity of the enhancements required.


      *at GMP premises

    * Additional fees may apply.

    • Professional

    • Annual Contracts Per Month Equivalent
      Minimum contract 3-users
      Setup Fees apply
    • Enterprise

    • Annual Contracts Per Month Equivalent
      Minimum contract 3-users
      Setup Fees apply
    • Ultimate

    • Annual Contracts Per Month Equivalent
      Minimum contract 3-users
      Setup Fees apply

Disclaimer: Prices shown are correct as at 1st November 2015 and subject to change after Minimum contract term 12-months – monthly and quarterly fee payment plans available GBP contracts are subject to VAT where applicable – Larger user licence systems available details on request

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